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3 Week Free Vertical Jump Program


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3 Weeks

Are You Not Satisfied With Your Current Performance? Do you want to get better? Do you want to become an Elite Beast on the Court?

We’re going to make a bold assumption here…

You’ve been playing this game for a few months, maybe even years, and although you’ve seen constant, steady improvement, recently you’ve hit a stop, a barrier.

You feel like you’re stagnating, and although you’re able to identify your mistakes, you can’t quite find a way to fix them.

First Of All, This Is Completely Normal…

Getting better at the game when you’re just starting out is easy, it’s intuitive, and it comes naturally.

However, if you REALLY want to get good at Basketball, you will need some extra help, you’ll need someone with experience, knowledge, and certification to teach you the complex concepts of this game.

Answer Truthfully

Do you want a team built of NBA Players, NBA Trainers, and Veteran Coaches to help you become an ELITE BEAST at Basketball?

· Do you want to increase your SPEED?

· Do you want to increase your VERTICAL JUMP?

· Do you want to improve your SHOT?

· Do you want to become more CONSISTENT?

Do you want an extremely In-Depth and Actionable Online Training Program that features your favorite pros as teachers?


If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above, this message is JUST for you:

The Elite Beast USA Online Training Programs Will Help You Surpass Your Limits And Teach You How To Properly Train For Improvement By Letting You Learn DIRECTLY From The Pros!

Improve Your Game In Multiple Ways

We offer a variety of Training Programs, each of them will help you get better at different aspects of Basketball.

They’re all filled with valuable information that won’t just help you get better at shooting or jumping or whatever else the program is about.

They will broaden your game sense, they will show you how PROS THINK, and they will show you the necessary mentality you NEED to have in order to get better.

Now We Know What You Might Be Thinking…

“All Of This Sounds Too Good To Be True, How Do I Know If I Can Trust You?”

We’re Glad You Asked!

We’ve been in this industry for many years, teaching people that love Basketball the secrets of how to get better.

And since we’ve been around for so long, we know how important it is to show COLD HARD PROOF.


My legs feel so much stronger, I got a two-handed dunk. Before I could never do this! Mentally, I feel like I can go up and destroy the rim everytime! I've never see a program like this before.

Jordan Mcclure - HS Basketball Player

"I had my doubts but after 3 weeks I went from grabbing rim to dunking with ease."

High School Player - Jackson Warren

I feel like my shot is getting so much better and it's only been one week into the program.

Semi Pro Player - Marcus Dortch

Here Are Some Of Our Members Talking About The Training Programs And Their Results!


"I would 100% recommend Elite Beast to you, because it will make you that athlete, it will make you an Elite Beast."


"If you want to get your bounce up. If you want to be an Elite Beast. Get with the program."


"I can hit my head on the backboard and I use to not be able to do that!"


"I am feeling really good right now and it's only a week into the workout."


"I went from barely being able to dunk and now I can windmill. . . And I highly recommend the Shooting Program."

Michael W.

"My biggest takeaway would be the shooting. . . Dennis broken down the little things."